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Turn to A Trusted Car Dealer Today: Why Our Clients Love Us

So, you’ve made the final decision to get a used car. No doubt, you’ve done your research and narrowed it down to a brand you believe will meet your needs. But have you made up your mind about where you will purchase the car? 

A car is a crucial purchase that requires an investment, whether it’s new or used. You want to make sure you’re getting optimal value from your purchase. Which is why it’s important to consider who you will work with before making the big purchase. 

We believe that a good car dealer must have a strong reputation in the industry overall. They should be responsive to your needs and care about the long-term relationship. You can vet the level of trustworthiness of any car dealer by checking if they will provide you with the following:

  • Convenience in their hours of operation
  • Reasonable financing options
  • High-quality customer service
  • Long-term repair and maintenance services
  • Fair prices for every purchase

As a trusted car dealership near Fort Carson, we work with a great deal of partners in the area to provide overall accessibility and a list of options. You can count on us to provide convenience, flexible auto-loan options, and high-quality services. Stop by our location to find out how we make a difference in your car buying journey.

Why Our Clients Love Us

At Mile High Car Company, we believe that our customers should not have trouble accessing motor vehicles because of their banking and credit history issues. Whether you have an excellent credit rating or a bad one, you are still a top priority to us and we’ll work hard to help you get optimal financing. We will do everything we can to ensure that you get a ride that meets all your needs because we believe that your transportation access is critical. 

We also have a heart for those that serve our country through military service. Dean Gunter, our owner, is a veteran himself and knows firsthand the struggles that can come with serving in the military. We have worked hard to be a car dealership that services Fort Carson personnel with integrity, convenience, and flexibility. 

Here are some of the ways we’ve streamlined our services to offer more to our military customers:

Easy Finance Application

We believe in meeting our customers’ needs in each transaction. We operate with a vast network of car auto finance dealers who want to help you get in a car with a seamless finance application process. We’ve tried to remove as many obstacles as possible. Our online options provide an instant car loan pre-approval as well as a full online application

High-Quality Services

Just like other vendors, we subscribe to the notions of customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and the desire to have repeat clients. We strive to create a service experience that will always bring our clients back to us for their next vehicle, repair and maintenance, and happy referrals. 

Certified Compelling Vehicles

We want every car you purchase from us to be in good condition and fit within your budget. This is achieved through proper certification. We deal in certified vehicles to ensure that you get a roadworthy product not a hunk of junk.

Expert technicians

We hire experience, because your vehicle should always be in safe hands. Our ASE-Certified technicians can handle almost any automobile problem you can throw at them. You can be sure you’ll receive high-quality professional services and advice each time you visit our auto-repair shop.

Large Inventory

We know how hectic it can be to find the vehicle brand and model that suits your needs. Our dealers are always ready to provide you with a broad range of vehicles. We always carry a broad inventory, from SUVs and minivans to trucks and cars.

Our Transparency

We know that auto dealerships sometimes have a questionable reputation. But our goal is to create an entirely different image based upon an entirely different experience. 

You can have a pleasant experience interacting with the car dealership industry. Our decades of service and the hundreds of positive reviews speak to the truth of the different experience we seek to offer. 

Here’s why we believe that transparency should be at the center of our operations:

  • We consider the care of people as our greatest value
  • Transparency is the most crucial tool in building dealer-customer trust
  • It’s through transparency that respect is fostered in the auto dealership business

Our operations remain transparent in the following ways:

  • Proper documentation of the vehicle’s history
  • Being clear with our pricing and financing options
  • Simplified processes
  • Effective commutation and interactions 
  • No-Hassle Commission-Free Sales Teams

Auto Repair and Maintenance

Every vehicle on our lot has gone through an inspection by our certified technicians to ensure that your vehicle is in good condition and can be safely driven. Our team of technicians serving Fort Carson military fix any issues with the vehicle and will make sure you’re aware of any upcoming needs that may need addressed. 

Along with the ability to fix and repair all of your vehicle issues, we also offer preventative maintenance services to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible.

Our repair and maintenance operations include:

  • Oil changes 
  • Tire Services (mount, balance, rotation) 
  • Vehicle maintenance packages (check tire pressure, air filter, fluids, etc.)
  • Brake services
  • Additional system maintenance (cooling system, power steering, fuel induction, etc.)

Find prices and detailed information about our car repair services here. 

Serving Fort Carson and Surrounding Areas

Our team is always available during regular business hours to answer your questions and address any of your concerns. 

We’re honored to be able to serve Fort Carson military personnel for their auto purchasing needs.

Call your trusted local car dealership near Fort Carson to find quality service and competitive prices.